Why is Winter the Best Time to Prune Your Tree?

By: albertaarb - September 20, 2017

Why is Winter the Best Time to Prune Your Tree?

Determining the right time to prune your trees is vital for its health and growth. Tree pruning at the wrong time of year can seriously damage your tree.

Winter is the ideal time to grab your pruning shears as the trees are dormant. Trees at this time of year are easy to shape and prune due to the lack of foliage. This allows you to easily shape the tree without obstructed views. In addition, pruning during this time allows for excessive growth in the spring. If you want exceptional growth, winter pruning is the time to get to work.

Trees You Should Not Prune in Winter

You should not prune all trees during the winter months. Trees with excessive sap — such as elm, dogwood, maple and walnut trees — should be pruned during the fall months or late summer, when the tree won’t lose an excessive amount of sap after it is cut.

What to Do on Tree Pruning Day

The day you choose to prune is important to the tree’s health. You want to avoid pruning until the coldest days of winter have passed. When you prune, choose a day that is mild and dry. If the tree is wet, you have a much greater likelihood of spreading disease or harmful elements in the tree. Once you have established the right day to prune, the first step to pruning is to remove all dead limbs and branches. You need to carefully cut each branch near the trunk or nodes of the tree and beneath all infected areas. You should also ensure all cuts are at an angle. Finally, after all the dead branches are removed, you can shape the tree and remove large and small branches.

Next Steps for Tree Pruning

It is important that if you have questions or don’t know how to properly prune a tree, you consult with a professional who can prune and shape your tree to promote wonderful growth.

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