Winter Flowers to Brighten Up Your Cold Months

By: albertaarb - December 5, 2014

You don't need to rely just on the winter sun to brighten up your day. Here is a list of winter flowers that differ in color, shape and smell and will fill your home and garden with life.

Growing winter plants indoors

1.     African violets are sensitive to excessive changes in temperature. They are a flowering perennial and are best grown out of direct light. They also don’t respond well to over watering.

2.    Amaryllis is mainly recognized as a houseplant that grows around the winter holidays. It is a perennial flower, the bulb of which is best planted by mid-October. The Amaryllis requires a lot of water and can flourish outside in areas that do not experience frosts.

3.    Christmas cactus flowers continually throughout the year in shades of pink, red and white. Ideally the plant should be kept at room temperature.

4.    In contrast, Kalanchoe begins growing in the middle of winter. The small bright flowers grow best in a sunny area. The plant can also be encouraged to flower every.

5.    Other beautiful indoor winter plants include Lady’s slipper orchids, Kaffir lily and Cape primrose.

6.    Christmas rose is a slow growing winter perennial. The bloom of the plant can last for up to four months. If planted from seed, it is best to start early in the spring. The growing plant will need ample shade as well as access to light.

7.    Coralberry can add color to your garden year round. When it first flowers in the spring, it will add white to the growing greenery. During the winter, it develops purple berries.

8.    Snow crocus should be planted in the fall. Each bulb should be planted about three inches deep with about the same distance between each bulb. Once the flowers have died back, usually during the spring, the bulbs will lay dormant in the ground until the following winter when they will flower again.

9.    Another winter flowering bulb is the Glory of the Snow. These hardy bulbs will grow under almost any condition and should be planted in the fall.

10. Other outdoor winter plants include Snowdrops (bulbs must be planted as soon as they are collected from flowering plants), Squill, winter aconite (a low maintenance winter flower best planted in August or September) and Witch Hazel that flowers towards the end of the winter.

Flowers for the whole year

Some plants produce flowers year round, as long as they are brought indoors during the coldest winter months. 

  • One such plant is the Cyclamen. It grows in shady spots from spring to fall. During the winter, it needs to be kept in cool conditions and out of direct sunlight.
  • Another plant flourishing outdoors during the warmer months is Flowering Maple. However, it blooms well as a houseplant during the winter months; these small delicate flowers need plenty of room to grow and will grow all year round if good care is taken of them, particularly in terms of temperature control.
  • Other flowers that can grow year round in different environments include Moth Orchid, Jasmine (needs a lot of sun and good drainage), Poinsettia plants and Primrose (only certain varieties will grow indoors during the winter).

To make the most out of the array of blues, purples, reds and yellows of these flowers, think carefully about where the winter shade will fall. Use tree removal in Edmonton to get the right level of shade and sun for your chosen winter plants. 

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