Specialized Equipment for Tree Care & Removal

Alberta Arborists employs a fleet of highly specialized equipment to complete each job safely and efficiently. We take pride in our commitment to offering high quality tree care to our customers, and the proper operation of our specialized equipment is a large part of that. All of our operators are trained in the safe handling and operation of these machines.

Please feel free to take a moment and view our fleet of specialized tree care equipment in action.

1) Bucket Trucks: Alberta Arborists operates various (55-65) ft. high-reach bucket trucks to access those hard to reach places. We also have a 55 ft. limited access unit that will fit into most backyards for those really dangerous trees.

2) Chippers: Alberta Arborists uses high-powered, large capacity wood chippers for all of our tree and brush chipping. Currently, we operate  diesel-powered chippers with a chipping capacity of 18-22 inches. We also have  smaller capacity machines which we use for small pruning jobs.

3) Mini Skid Steers: Alberta Arborists operates specialized mini skid steers. These compact units will fit into almost any backyard with a width of only 38 inches. Both units are equipped with brush grapples to help quickly remove brush and debris from your property.

4) Knuckle Boom Crane: The heavy lifter of Alberta Arborists tree care operations is our knuckle boom crane truck. This mobile knuckle boom crane allows us to remove large trees or branches from your property safely and efficiently. When extra reach and lifting power is needed we hire a 30-ton capacity crane with a maximum reach of 140 ft.

5) Stump Grinders: Alberta Arborists operates different stump grinders in order to ensure your job is completed safely and efficiently. Our largest stump grinder can grind to a depth of approx 30 inches below grade, while our smaller, tight access machines allow us to access even the hardest to reach areas of your property.

6) Chip Trucks: Alberta Arborists operates several sizes of chip trucks to contain and haul all of the wood chips and debris we remove from a property. Without them, cleanup would be very costly and time consuming. Once these trucks are full of wood chips we dump at local tree nurseries so the wood chips can be used for benificial mulch.


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